Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE List!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!  My family had dinner with my aunt and uncle's family which was a nice treat as we haven't seen them in a few years.  I feel pretty old after seeing kids grown up whom I knew when they were little!  My, how time flies...

Speaking of time and opportunity, I am so excited about this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale list!  There are so many self-published, christian authors I never knew about and I can't wait to read their books.  No need to stand in long lines in the cold on Black Friday, just enjoy browsing through this treasure trove of great titles and purchase a juicy book for all the book-lovers on your list!  Enjoy!!  (Make sure and take advantage of the sales on my books as well! ;)


Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale List!

Listed by author's last name

Kendra E. Ardnek
The Ankuluen: Cyber Monday
Saffron's Big Plan and Other Stories: Cyber Monday
Do You Take This Quest?: Cyber Monday

Faith Blum
A Mighty Fortress: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Be Thou My Vision: Black Friday [7626YZAK -- 20%] and Cyber Monday

Sarah Brown
The Prodigal Pup: Black Friday [SB14CP31 -- 25%] and Cyber Monday [SB14CP31 -- 25%]
Learning Lessons from Furry Friends: Black Friday [SB14CP31 -- 25%] and Cyber Monday [SB14CP31 -- 25%]

Kelsey Bryant
Family Reunion: Black Friday [YFY84GHU -- 20%]

Elizabeth Ender
Ransomed: Black Friday [GNE6VUXY -- 30%]

J.J. Francesco
Blood Chain: Cyber Monday

Julie Gilbert
Nadia's Tears: Cyber Monday

Leah Good
Counted Worthy: Black Friday [K7CVNEER -- 40%] and Cyber Monday

Melody Grubb
The Land of Calais: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Warmth of His Eyes: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Send Me, Lord Jesus: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Rachel Heffington
Anon, Sir, Anon: Black Friday [9MTYHSX3 -- 25%] and Cyber Monday

Rebekah Jones
Journeys of Four: Cyber Monday
Grandmother's Letters: Cyber Monday
A Year with the Potters: Cyber Monday

Jaye L. Knight
Resistance: Black Friday [Q45HN6G9 -- 25%] and Cyber Monday

Tina M. Neely
Diamond Hair Princess: Black Friday

Joel A. Parisi
Shadow Play: Cyber Monday

J. Grace Pennington
Radialloy: Black Friday [Y2XHGYDN -- 25%] and Cyber Monday
In His Image: Black Friday [KXNZ7PYN -- 25%] and Cyber Monday
Machiavellian: Black Friday [UFXGUYMM -- 25%] and Cyber Monday

Jennifer Sauer
Why Rodney Never Should've Gone to the NAPIC: Black Friday [F76DDR7S -- 45%] and Cyber Monday

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer
Touch My Tears: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Third Side of the Coin: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cara Simmons
The Haven: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Leviathan: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Champion: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Jordan Smith
Finding the Core of Your Story: Black Friday [NL4NJXWS -- 30%]

Rachel Starr Thomson
Reap the Whirlwind: Cyber Monday
Lady Moon: Cyber Monday
Angel in the Woods: Cyber Monday

Therese Heckenkamp
Past Suspicion: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Frozen Footprints: Black Friday

T.R. Lykins
Last Heartbeat: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Life Gift: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Melanie D. Snitker
Calming the Storm: Cyber Monday

What is your favorite book genre?  Comment below! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mission Trip to St. Paul de Vence

It was such a blessing to be able to go to France this past month, something I had thought about for quite a while and was excited to do at last.  I learned some words while there which made me very excited, but more than the language, learned a little more about the French people and helped bring the Gospel to their children for a week.

Mrs. Marie O. was the one that fed us all week with her crew of kitchen workers.  She and her family welcomed our team warmly when we arrived and saw us off when part of our team headed home.

I went with a team from Denton Bible Church and we arrived in France on a Friday night, rested up over the weekend and helped with VBS for all of the next week.  It was neat to listen to the different accents of the children and to try and pick out words I knew from the rapid French they were speaking half the time!  (Most of the children are bilingual.)  The gospel was preached to every one of the 40+ children that attended throughout the week, and it was exciting to get to do some one-on-one with them as well and hear their responses.  It was a fun, tiring, and rewarding week and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Please pray for the French.  All the lost need prayer (and someone to share the gospel with them), but the French in particular have lost much of their fear of God in recent generations.  They need to see their need for a Savior-- one lady told me that when she witnesses to people they seem not to care about stealing, lying, etc.-- it's not such a big deal anymore... until she creates a scenerio in which they themselves are the victim.  

Story time-- one of the times when the children, many from secular homes,
heard the gospel clearly preached.

More highlights from the Trip...

Science class-- one of Edward's (center) favorite times during the day!

Charliie, one of my fellow 'leaders', and I.  She lives in Paris with her sister
and spoke just enough English for us to understand one another. I loved learning new
words from her!
One of the beautiful views where I stayed (one of the church families
graciously offered their home for team members to stay in while they
were gone.)

Brussels, Belgium-- where we stopped before the last leg of the
flight to France.

The Mediterranean-- one of the highlights of the trip was the beach party on Tuesday night!

A great skit put on by one of the older groups, that epitomized the whole point of the
VBS camp -- How good is good enough to get into Heaven?  The answer, of course,
is not how good, but Who we put our trust in.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to France.  I was challenged physically (keeping 6 and 7-year olds can be a little of a challange! :), worked long hours with wonderful people who are true brothers and sisters in Christ, and made many friends.  I pray that I'm able to go again next year.