Wednesday, March 20, 2013

South Carolina History

I didn't realize, before coming to visit my sister in North Carolina, how many battles were fought during the Revolution in North and South Carolina.  It has been a great experience learning about the southern campaign of our War of Independence!

Kings Mountain National Military Park

The battle of Kings Mountain was fought on October 7, 1780.  What the British thought would be a final routing of the rebels, turned out to be the turning-point of the Revolution in the 'rebel's' favor.  Ferguson, the determined major in the British army, refused to retreat from off Kings Mountain even though his plea for help from Lord Cornwallis and Sir Tarleton went unanswered.  And even though the Patriots were outnumbered by 200 men, their surprise attack was so complete that within an hour the battle was over, Ferguson had been killed, and his men surrendered. 
   Though we weren't able to walk the trail to the actual battlefield and monument, we had time to look through the museum and view some of the artifacts found on the battlefield, such as shoe buckles, rifle parts, etc.  It was amazing to read an account by one British officer whose last entry in his journal (which was found on the field) said in part, "I bid you farewell as I am going to the Warm Country..."

the Green River Road
The battle at Cowpens was fought a few months later in 1781, near a supplies road called the Green River Road, and an army of settlers and 'overmountain' men defeated the British there using the terrain along the road to their advantage.

Also near the battlefield is a log cabin built by Robert Scruggs who settled there in 1828.  During that time a journalist-historian, Benson Lossing, used the cabin as a reference-point to find the exact scene of the battle fought nearly fifty years before. 

I can't wait to find more battlefields on our stay here.  However, I think one little person will keep me occupied most of the time!  (hint: a niece. :) )

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