Monday, January 21, 2013

Chucking College

Shining Stars Magazine

I'm looking forward to reading this book soon, written by an old acquaintance.  As a homeschool graduate I've looked into college, and after taking a couple of courses online I've been led to, for now, study on my own while teaching music and playing full-time in my family's band.  In the near future I plan to, Lord-willing, take online classes, but I hope to avoid spending 3-5 years on campus allowing my beliefs and character to be sabotaged by students and professors alike.

From the book's website,

Learn how to skip college and design your own higher educational experience through practical steps, such as:
• Launching entrepreneurial ventures
  1. Tailoring your own advanced education
  2. Developing skills through specialized apprenticeships
  3. Discovering your ideal vocation and finding creative ways to pursue it without a degree
Testimonials throughout the book confirm that it is not only possible to flourish outside of college without regrets, but also with remarkable success!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! I never went to a traditional college (I took classes online) and I'm so glad that I didn't waste time and lots of $$$. I may take some specialized classes eventually.

  2. If a Christian's faith is so easily sabotaged by professors and other students, then perhaps that faith isn't really that great.

    A Christian doesn't grow from avoiding testing. And I think you would be surprised by how many people out there are really NOT trying to sabotage faith. The worst you'd most likely experience is a little mocking. Most are just curious.

  3. Hi Sam! How are you??

    Thanks for your comment. Your right-- if our faith is weak enough that we can't defend it in a hostile environment, then why do we believe it? I wondered about this too. We shouldn't avoid testing... we should face it and "be ready always to give an answer" (1 Peter 3:15) as it strengthens our faith and will help lead the skeptic to salvation. However, there is a time when we can foolishly put ourselves in a bad position in the first place.
    There are several verses in Proverbs that talk about choosing our company and those we mingle with, such as Psalm 1:1-3 (which Hannah quoted in her original post on the SSM blog- linked in my post.) Dr. Jobe Martin talks about the intimidating evolutionist professors in CHRISTIAN colleges, in his book "The Evolution of a Creationist"... but I'll have to quote him in another blog post, as this is getting pretty long-winded!

  4. I find that it is always wiser to learn both sides of a picture. Otherwise your defense of one particular set of beliefs is rather weak. I think we could learn something even from evolutionists.

    One cannot judge a place to be bad simply by generalizations. And I think you'll find that there are many Christian colleges. It's not placing yourself in a "foolish" position. It's a place for you to learn. If a person cannot simply glean the good, while rejecting the useless, then a person really cannot survive in the real world and lives in a bubble.

  5. And not all classes at a college specifically teach evolution, I think you'll find.

  6. Hi Melody! I home school my children, and my oldest is very sharp. People are always telling her she should go to college. I think her future family would suffer if she were working outside of the home. I owned a business until the Lord changed our views. It has been such a blessing to stay home. It was a juggling act to work and then come home and take care of a family, I do not wish that stress on any woman!

  7. I agree that working when I have children is not a good idea-- besides the stress, it's simply downplaying and taking away from the role God intended for mothers! However, I do not see anywhere in Scripture where a single young woman is told not to work outside the home. Home businesses are best, I realize (I am a music teacher and love the flexibility and control I have in choosing my own working hours), but working outside the home is not wrong. Further, as Sam pointed out about going to college, we shouldn't shy away from the world. We should shine our light as much as possible and win souls for Christ. So although I still believe college is largely a waste of time and money (and quite a bombardment on our Christian witness to say the least), I believe we girls should pursue our God-given dreams and serve Him to the fullest in our single years, and stay at home when we have little ones to raise.