Friday, July 6, 2012

"My Sister's Married!"

My sisters and I always thought about that phrase, when it would happen, what it would be like.  We didn't realize what it'd be like-- how amazing, exciting and bitter-sweet it would be-- until it really happened... Two months ago, my sister Christina was married to Mr. Stephen Knotts of North Carolina-- the state in which they now make their home.  It happened rather quickly, which seems to be a characteristic of God's working!

   My state of mind after they drove off with cans flying behind, was pure unbelief-- but not to say I was unhappy.  It was the most exquisite and God-centered wedding I've ever been to!  Their first kiss was a sight to behold.:-)  Knowing that my oldest sister has waited 25 years, saving herself for that Man who would be her husband, and serving the Lord faithfully in her single years, it was a joy and privilege to celebrate with her on her wedding day, and to see her off to her new home... although the distance between us is now more than a thousand miles, which is not so worthy of celebrating.:-)

Stephen emailed Christy in late October of last year, and with permission from Daddy, they began corresponding through that medium to see if this was God's will for them.  They soon found that they had many things in common, and most importantly, their beliefs lined up almost perfectly.  In early March Stephen drove down for a visit, and we were immediately struck by his great sense of humor!  We spent nearly every night staying up late talking, playing cards, or jamming (he plays banjo.)  We all love the fact that Stephen is a firm believer and strong in his principles.  This is something Christy especially was attracted to... he isn't afraid to own up to what he believes in!
   Well, the rest is history.:-)  Christy tells a beautiful story of their courtship at her blog.  On April 28, 2012, the couple was united in marriage under the huge pecan trees on our property.  After eating their cake and having some punch, they said their goodbyes and headed for North Carolina, where they now make their home in the countryside of Troutman.

Having a sister married has changed my position in the household to the 'oldest at home'.  Yet because Christy had already been working/volunteering while still living at home, those days gave me plenty of practice to be more involved than usual.  Now that she has her own home and has more opportunity to practice organizing, budgeting, and smoothly running a household, it makes me think of how much I need to be open to learning while living with my family.  Here, I have everything at my fingertips and have not the urgency of running my own home, in order to become more knowledgeable on different skills.  It's both exciting and overwhelming, because I want to do so many things, and yet don't know where to start!  That is why God's will is so important to know.  Time and again I find myself praying for God's will to be shown to me.  With all the world has to offer-- and plenty of temptations there are-- I cannot allow myself to be 'tossed to and fro' running after every opportunity!  

All that to say, having a sister married is grand!  We look forward to visiting the new couple this summer, Lord-willing, while singing and playing along the way.  Meantime, we enjoy skyping (a new term in the household... ;), phoning, emailing, and yes, facebooking!  I pray the Lord blesses Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Knotts abundantly!

In Christ Alone,
Melody Michelle

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