Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Not That Complicated Book Giveaway at Shining Stars

At the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival earlier this year, I was able to briefly meet Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin and thumb through their new book, It's (Not That) Complicated.  I was amazed, as I read bits of it, how the things the two sisters learned about boy-girl relationships, and what my sisters and I learned in the past few years, is so similar!  Thank you, God, for confirming to us what You have taught us, and providing us with wise words from fellow sisters to help us learn more.

Here is the description of their book from the website:

"Ever been confused about friendships with boys?  How to handle crushes?  How friendly is too friendly?  How close is too close?  What to do when a guy is being way too friendly?  What guys think about all this?  What it means to be a "sister, in all purity"?  Guy-girl relationships have always been complicated, but perhaps never more so than today.  It's (Not That) Complicated is a humorous, hopeful, and deeply thought-provoking new look at guy-girl relationships in our times.  Dealing practically with such complications as online interaction, Hollywood expectations, undefined relationships, and unrequited love, the Botkin sisters offer enduring biblical principles that can make it all much simpler."

From what little I read, I am excited to read this book soon!  Because even though my sisters and I have learned some things, there is a whole lot more that can be said on the subject. :-)

There is a giveaway of this book at Shining Stars Magazine Blog, so go over and enter!  The giveaway ends May 22.

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