Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food and Drink for the Soul

"Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah."
Psalm 4:4

This past year, I have really learned how having a Quiet Time with the Lord and soaking in His Living Word is vital to one's spiritual growth and well-being.
   I didn't realize that what I took for granted was what kept me going each day, what gave me inspiration and strength to do and be what God wants me to. As I slacked off having a regular quiet time, letting it slide as I silently made the excuse that "I talk to Him throughout the day; I don't need a set-apart time", doubts formed in my mind and before I realized it, I was bewildered and confused as to any sort of direction from God. I felt depressed, not at all excited about what each new day might bring forth, and eventually began to doubt that I was even saved. It's amazing what a little thing can lead to... what I didn't know then is that, once I stopped the life-support of the Lord's Love Letter to me, Satan was able to plant small lies in my mind which I was not able to repel thoroughly (2 Cor. 10:5)-- even though I did know some verses and chapters by heart. Since I did not have a time to be alone with God, to get to know Him and become silent before Him (Zech. 2:13, Ps. 46:10), the world and it's temptations slowly seeped their way into my life and made me miserable.
    When something like this happens, we as Christians are unable to be a Light to the world as we should be, to tell the world of the Good News-- God's salvation to every one that believes (Rom. 1:16). This, our greatest duty, is hindered when we allow something to bring us down and out of the Joy of the Lord. He wants us to bear the great news and if we don't feed our spirit with His Word and drink in His Living Water which is His presence, we won't be of much use to Him! Once we stop and take the time to be with Him, everything takes on a different hue. It's not about us anymore. Someone is there to take away the burdens of the day, the week, the year-- and use them to His glorification. He gives us peace and wisdom to overcome and live a liberated life with Him as our guide-- free to share with those who ask about the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15), which hope wouldn't be there unless we have a living, breathing relationship with Christ!
   I am already experiencing the joy of being alone with God for even a few minutes at a time each day, and after so long of putting it off and not making it a priority, it is a breath of fresh air-- a great thirst quenched that only God can quench. I thank Him for this lesson, and pray that He continues to teach me how to be more like Him, and to be bold in saving lost souls-- for that is the most important duty of all.


  1. So eloquently put, and so true. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Hi Melody! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. You can visit for the details.

  3. It is so easy to slide. I am trying to do better this year as well.