Saturday, November 19, 2011


I've always considered abortion to be wrong.  All my life I've been pro-life.  Yet until I saw "180", a new documentary by Living Waters Productions, I was not as nearly against abortion as I am now.  Seeing how the Jewish Holocaust during WWII is so closely similar to the Holocaust going on at this moment in America, gave me a whole new prospective on what is actually going on right here in my own country right now.  It is a blot on our heritage that only God can wipe away-- if we ask Him to.  Watching "180" has given me a whole new determination to pray, pray pray and help all I can to end this deadly practice. 

Watch it for yourself, and share it with everyone you know.  Those who are 'pro-choice' need to be educated about what abortion really is: a matter of life and death... and they also need the Wonderful News which is God's Saving Grace!

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