Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interview with a Self-Published Author~ Sarah Holman

Sarah is a friend of mine who recently self-published her book, The Destiny of One, and has been on a "blog tour" for the occasion.  I asked her to visit my blog and to tell more about her book.  Enjoy the following interview with Sarah Holman, and then go purchase her book!  (Details at end of interview.)

Melody: Hello, Sarah!  Welcome to "Day by Day".  I'm looking forward to talking about your new book, The Destiny of One, with you!
Sarah: Thank you for having me, Melody!

M: First of all, I'd like to let my readers know a little about you.  Sarah and I have known each other through a magazine I used to edit (and still help out with), His Wonders.  She lives in central Texas and has written several articles for HW.  Her writing has recently blossomed into a book, which we will talk more about in this interview.  Would you tell us a little more about yourself, Sarah?

S: Sure!  I live with of my wonderful parents and my four sisters and one brother.  When I am not writing (which is a lot), I often can be found reading, playing piano, scrapbooking, and taking long walks.  I have a part time job working for my local representative that I have really enjoyed as well.

M: Did you always have an interest in writing?  How early did you show a passion for the written word?

S: I learned to read by the time I was four and have been an avid reader all my life.  Biographies and historical fiction have been my favorites since I can remember.  I dabbled in writing but it wasn’t until I was eleven that I started writing in earnest.  At that early age, I started a book set in the Middle Ages and took off from there.

M: How did The Destiny of One come to be?  How did you get the idea for the storyline?

S: After watching a very popular science fiction movie, I was fascinated by the genre.  That very night, I wrote a synopsis of a book entitled Whosoever Bears the Mark about a young girl that is marked for her faith while trying to find the crown jewels of a long-ago kingdom.  From that morphed a story that ended up being The Destiny of One.  In the end, although the story did have a search for crown jewels and Christians being marked, it ended up being a lot about Maria’s search for her destiny.

M: Writing a book can take years for some, and months for others.  How long did it take for you to write The Destiny of One?

S: I started in 2007 and since I published it this year, bringing the project to completion, it took me about four years.

M: I know I've had many times while writing a book when I didn't have "inspiration", so to speak.  It can be pretty aggravating, but in my experience, it can also be a chance to ask God to write through me.  What is your experience with this aspect of writing?

S: Lack of inspiration or writers block is a common affliction among writers.  My problem is always in the middle of the book.  I usually have great idea about the beginning and the end but the middle can be hazy.  For me, the best thing to do is just keep writing.  Sometimes I have to go back and rewrite, but I have found that this is the best way for me.

M: I see that you went the self-publish route.  My sisters and I also use to publish our books and are pleased with their printing quality and prices!  Would you tell our readers a little more about self-publishing and what is involved for an author that is using this option to publish her book?

S: To be honest, I really debated between self-publishing and waiting for a traditional publisher.  In the end, I really felt like this was the way God was leading me.  Lulu publishing seemed like the best option and I have been very pleased.

M: What is the most difficult aspect of self-publishing, in your experience?

S: Editing, hands down.  The final edit of my book was very hard and there was no professional editor helping me.  Thankfully, I had a lot friends and my dad to give me pointers.  It is definitely something everyone should consider before they self-publish.

M: What was your favorite part about the publishing process?

S: It is the part yet to come, the reason I wrote my book.  It is when one person is encouraged to live their life to God.  It is when God uses my feeble words to touch someone’s life.  I can’t wait for that to happen!

M: Congratulations on releasing your book on May 13!  Where can my readers purchase The Destiny of One? 

M: Thank you, Sarah, for visiting with me on my blog.  I pray that your book is a blessing and encouragement to many. Sarah also blogs about giveaways and blog tours for her book at


  1. Your welcome, Sarah! I enjoyed doing my first interview, and you were a gracious guinea pig.:)